Nicom Secures Texas Seaport Contract

October 27, 2016 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nicom Maritime, a division of Nicom IT Solutions of Halifax won a contract to install a seaport software system for the Port of Beaumont in Beaumont, Texas.

The system, an integrated vessel scheduling, cargo tracking, and billing system, is similar to the one currently in final stages of testing at the Port of Halifax. Beaumont represents the first U.S. customer for this newly-developed system. Other ports in Canada have earlier versions installed and are being supported by Nicom.

The Port of Beaumont, one of the busiest ports in the United States, is also the busiest port in the world for shipping military equipment. It also handles bulk cargo for humanitarian purposes as well as other types of cargo. Nicom’s system will replace aging software that can no longer meet the needs of the Port. Nicom was also awarded the business for replacing the seaport’s IT infrastructure and accounting system.

Media Contact:
Pat d’Entremont, Nicom Maritime