NicomPORT Executive Dashboard

Bringing Efficiency to Your Supply Chain

For your seaport to run as efficiently as possible, you and your executive team need accurate information to make timely decisions. Executive dashboards, such as the one we built in Halifax, give you up-to-the minute metrics on your port’s performance.

For example, what visits are forecasted for your port, and are the vessels pulling ahead of schedule or falling behind? The Vessel Forecast Summary shows visits forecasted for a month into the future, with up-to-date statistics as to how they are faring against pro-forma schedules.

Or perhaps you’re curious about today’s truck turnaround situation. That’s what the Terminal Gate Metrics dashboard is for.

If you have cargo coming in by train, more than likely you’ll be interested in the import dwell times, and Days on Dock statistics for your containers.

This Executive Dashboard can be part of a much larger data portal. All your stakeholders—shipping lines, agents, terminal operators, rail and truck providers, etc.—will also want information, and they want it to be timely and efficient. Have a look at the award winning Port Operations Centre we built for the port of Halifax, and you’ll find a wealth of information. If you need more details, then all these windows will open up into more information on which you can drill down. Once there, you can register for special alerts and notices as they become available, which will allow for real-time events such as specific container movements, weather-related events, and the like.

Give us a call today, and we’ll tell you how you too can be on top of the data you need to run a tight ship. Toll Free: 1-877-454-4499